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Watches inspired by sport

When Golf meets watchmaking

A tribute to the eponymous club, the Putter is the essence of Fairway Watches’ know-how. Just like in Golf, it is the result of the alliance between the coordination of movement, the technical excellence, and the accuracy of gesture.

Surprise with the design

Fairway-Watches propose a new interpretation of timepieces by combining sporty styling with contemporary elegance. The result is a perfect integration between the case and the strap thanks to the flowing lines. The asymmetrical case middles and the reminders to the golf attract curiosity at first sight.

Craftmanship as a guarantee of watchmaking quality

We have selected Swiss craftsmen who could bring real know-how and real added value to our products. It was above all a human adventure with moving encounters.

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Gros plan sur la montre Putter P01 acier Black PVD
Fairway Watches Putter P01 dos FP10/A1/Z1 La Séduction

Being born in Switzerland, I've always had a true admiration for watchmaking and growing up, I fell in love with golf. I wanted to create a watch inspired by the golf universe and that would communicate a lifestyle. I imagined and designed all kinds of models as a hobby, until the day the need to give life to the drawings and touch physically the watches became stronger than just looking at them. That is how Fairway-Watches was born.

Julien Gros
Creator of Fairway Watches

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Putter P01 acier inoxydable 42mm FP10/A1/Z1, la séduction

La Séduction

CHF1'690.00excl. VAT
Putter P01 acier inoxydable 42mm FP10/A2/Z2, l'élégance


CHF1'690.00excl. VAT
Putter P01 acier inoxydable 42mm FP10/A2/Z5, le sport-chic contemporaine

Le Sport-chic contemporain

CHF1'690.00excl. VAT
Putter P01 acier inoxydable black PVD 42mm FP11/A1/Z3, l'allure


CHF1'690.00excl. VAT